Family Protection Dogs

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What is a Family Protection Dog

A family protection dog is a trained protection K9 that will seamlessly become a member of your family. All of our dogs are most importantly, stable, loving, and provide a calming presence to your home. Unless you explicitly tell people, no-one will ever imagine that the gentle dog playing with your kids is capable of incredible security tactics. Family protection dogs live in our personal homes with our children and family, so that we can ensure that you receive a dog that is accustomed to every type of family life and environment. As every family has their own specific needs, we work directly with you to create the specific training that your new K9 will need, to create the best possible pet and protector for your home.

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Home Life

From a very young age we begin the necessary training to build the best possible family dog one could imagine. We start the family protection training by placing a heavy emphasis on exposing our dogs to every type of person, and most importantly, young children. Every dog has their eyes poked, ears pulled, and tail yanked to make sure that when your kids do the same your K9 is ready to play. Israel Protection Family K9s are extremely caring and have a heightened awareness of how to play and interact with children. In fact, we pride ourselves on the aspect that our K9s are our kids personal teddy bears at night and will instantly switch to protection mode in order to protect the family from a threat.
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protection dogs for sale


At Israel Protection K9 we know that our clients have diverse lifestyles and therefore train your K9 to fit in directly with your daily routine. Whether going on an early morning jog with Mom, heading to the office with Dad, or going grocery shopping with the kids, your K9 will be familiar with various family activities and be able to provide the safety you deserve no matter where you are or what you are doing. Upon request, we are able to assist with licensing and training your dog as a registered therapy animal, which means that no place is off limits to your K9.

Benefits of a Family Protection Dog

Other than having a beautiful and perfectly obedient K9 that is a member of your pack, there are many benefits that an Israel Protection K9 brings to the table. First of all, dogs are a tremendous deterrent to home burglars and violent criminals. Researchers from the Ohio State University determined that more dogs in a community has a direct correlation to a lower crime rate. All Israel Protection K9s bring an intense presence, and will make the majority of criminals do a double take and think otherwise. Next, our dogs are trained for many combat scenarios and will lay their life out for the safety of your family without anyone having to move an inch (See training page). Last, having a K9 to defend against an attacker mitigates your liability more effectively than any other method of self defense.
protection dogs for sale