Best Dogs for Women Living Alone

Dogs are not our whole life, but they tend to make our lives whole. This can be especially relevant for people living on their own, and even more so for single women. It is definitely reasonable to consider getting a dog for protection, companionship, and most of all a never-ending stream of love. Some of the scenarios that dogs can keep a single woman safe from include home invasions and sexual assault. The good news is that your paw-some pals are there to protect you and love you through every minute of your day.

Picking the right dog can be quite difficult as there are thousands of breeds, hundreds of mixes, and millions of dogs. Before purchasing a protection dog, consider your lifestyle, personality, and finances to determine which dog will be perfect for you. The breed of dog that is most suitable to be your new best friend can be determined by the typical day in your life. You can begin the breed selection process by considering the following:

  • Energy Levels: What are your usual energy levels? For instance, do you prefer to sit on the couch or go for a run or a hike?
  • Available Time: All dogs require a significant amount of time for training and exercise. However, some dogs require more than just basic grooming and a morning walk. How much time can you realistically commit to giving to your new pal?
  • Current Size Home: Some dogs are better suited to apartment living, while others need a big backyard to run around in. That isn’t to say that you can’t have any larger dogs in your apartment, but you must be prepared to go the extra mile if that is the case.
  • Dedication to Training: Are you buying a puppy? If so how trained do you want your dog to be and what are you willing to do to make that happen? Some dogs can become a liability if not trained properly. How much responsibility are you willing to take?
  • Purpose for Getting the Dog: Some people who live alone may be interested in getting a canine companion for protection, while others may just want a dog for emotional support. The type of breed largely determines your future dog’s capabilities.

We at Israel protection K9, have collected all the in-fur-mation about the various dog breeds and present the below list of the best dog breeds specifically for women living life solo.



The Belgian Malinois is one of our favorite dogs to train due to its lean muscular body, high intelligence, and killer work drive. This makes them perfectly suited to complete an array of commands which include high-level obedience, protection training, service animal training, and scent detection. The Malinois is perfect for women living alone who are ready to commit to constant energy release sessions and strict discipline. If these criteria are met, the Belgian is undeniably the best dog out there for your protection.



The Great Dane tops our list of the best dog breeds for single women who are living alone. They are an excellent choice for a watchdog and protector. Just their commanding presence serves as a deterrent to all potential threats. Great Danes are adorable youthful dogs with an unwavering sense of loyalty. You can feel safe when you invite your future Great Dane into your home. Great Danes are active dogs that require daily exercise to stay healthy, making them the perfect companions for fitness enthusiasts.


The Doberman Pinscher is another notable breed for those looking for protection. The Doberman pinscher was originally bred to be a protection dog, which makes it an excellent choice for women who live alone. One of its best characteristics is its appearance as Dobermans are large, intimidating animals that would definitely make anyone think twice about breaking into your home or causing you any harm.



personal protection dog

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the entire world. Arguably the most handsome of all dog breeds, the German Shepherd makes a wonderful and devoted friend. They are extremely intelligent, which makes training them simple and quite enjoyable. This dog is a diligent worker who is fearless and vigilant. Just like the Doberman, this breed is best suitable for women looking for dogs with strong protective instincts. With a strong pack-like instinct, your German Shepherd will quickly bond with you and become a part of your family.


Only a few breeds have as strong a reputation for their devotion and loyalty to their owners as the Hokkaido. This medium-sized dog of the Japanese Spitz breed is a complete powerhouse. Intelligent, alert, and 1000% dedicated to their families, these pooches have qualities that make them excellent companions. Hokkaido’s get along in all household types, from single women living in an apartment to large families living on a ranch. Since they’re super alert to their surroundings and completely loyal, the Hokkaido might be the paw-fect dog if you are living alone!


Let’s raise the woof to the number 4 on our list, the Great Pyrenees. Great Pyrenees dogs can be wonderful companions if you live in a suburban or rural area and lead a fairly placid life. These dogs prefer quiet time in the house and a consistent, orderly routine. They are a great choice for a single woman who is on the more organized and reserved side. Also, if you have safety concerns, the Great P fits the bill because they were bred to guard livestock so you can count on their protective genetics. 


The American Staffordshire Terrier is a gentle giant with a heart of gold as all owners of this breed can attest. Like all other dogs, The American Staffordshire Terrier’s behavior depends on his upbringing, training, and genetics. They are muscular dogs given their size, so early training is essential. The Amstaff is easy to care for and moderately active. If you are looking for a dog with minimal shedding you are in luck. Women who are ready to train and commit to caring for this special breed may have met the perfect match.


The Saluki is a dog that cannot be forgotten. The Saluki epitomizes grace and hence is a great fit for elegant women. They have long hair and a gorgeous physique but do not require extensive grooming. Originally the Saluki was bred to chase hares over short distances. The only exercise they require is short walks and most are content to relax around your home and impress your neighbors.

  1. BOXER

The Boxer is the next breed on our list of the best dogs for single women living alone. If you want a buddy who will always delight you and never leave you feeling lonely, a Boxer is a champ for you. Their positive outlook and love of adventure are infectious and will have you looking at life in a more positive light. As you might expect, this energetic dog requires a lot of activity to stay healthy and content. Fortunately, they are fast learners and are eager to please, which simplifies the task of training them and releasing their energy.


If you want a pup to spoil and cuddle with, look no further than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The King Charles Spaniel is one of the sweetest, cuddly, and most friendly dogs out there. For this reason, among others, they are likely to enjoy every bit of attention you give them and reciprocate your affection. Since this breed is vulnerable to weight gain, be careful not to spoil them endlessly. Although they are small, they will serve as a deterrent and let you know with a quick bark when someone is at the door.


Only a handful of dogs have the energy and charisma of a Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkie possesses all of the characteristics of a true terrier: tenacity, feistiness, bravery, and, at times, bossiness. This lap dog is best suited to ladies who enjoy high-maintenance dogs, as Yorkies require professional grooming to maintain a mat-free appearance and look their best. 


The Portuguese Water Dog was bred and used to assist fishermen along the coast of Portugal. They don’t have an undercoat and as a result, shed very minimally. Similar to all other hypoallergenic breeds, you must regularly brush their hair-like fur to keep up your dogs’ hygiene. Portuguese Water Dogs are ideal for women who have allergies and enjoy swimming, going on hikes, and just being outdoors. These dogs are very energetic and require a lot of exercises, with swimming being one of their favorite workouts as their name clearly suggests. Due to their size, the Portuguese Water Dog is best left to just alert you of an intruder and should not be expected to jump into action when the time comes.


Another flock guardian that offers loyalty and a protective nature is the Kuvasz. They are fearless, devoted to their handler, and in fact, used to be used as royal guard dogs in hungry. This pup will not back down if they perceive a threat and will view any opposition as a personal challenge. On the flip side, Kuvasz has an independent nature, which tends to be typical of highly intelligent canines. Although this may make training slightly more difficult, if you enjoy a challenge, training the Kuvasz becomes extremely enjoyable once you figure out what makes your puppy click.


Where do we even begin when it comes to recommending a Golden Retriever as a companion? This dog has the ability to greatly improve your level of happiness. The Golden Retriever is an extremely friendly and loving companion who will protect its owners when necessary. Due to this dog’s high level of activity, daily walks and workouts are a must. Golden Retrievers are super social, and their bubbly personalities make them an excellent match for an outgoing and cheerful woman.

  1. AKITA

The Akita is another big dog that is super loyal to its owners. Akitas are energetic dogs that need loads of attention and stimulation to keep them happy. This breed is best for women who have a yard and can spend time playing or exercising with their dogs. It is important to note that Akitas are quite willful and require a strong level of discipline enforced by their owner to keep them in line. The Akita is quite large, and most definitely powerful enough to protect their humans.


Even though the Irish Wolfhound is a large breed, they are one of the gentlest dogs you may ever meet. Their name reflects their early status in their country of origin. While Irish Wolfhounds are not by any means aggressive, they are independent which is a quality shared by working breeds. When working with a pet of this size, early training is essential as there are many behaviors that need to be reinforced to prevent a lack of obedience.


Some of the first words that come to mind when thinking about the loving Labrador Retriever are “outgoing and unreserved.” With these character traits, it makes sense that they are one of the most popular dogs in the entire world. To maintain a healthy weight, they must exercise daily and require energy release no different than the Golden Retriever. Due to their keen intellectual ability, this puppy is a cakewalk to train. Given that they can be nippy as a puppy, you’ll need to take an early initiative to put a stop to unwanted behaviors. Due to the Labrador Retriever’s high energy level, they are best paired with an active handler.


Huskies are a great fit for active and outgoing women who want to spend time in nature with their furry best friend. Huskies are some of the most beautiful dog breeds out there, but as they say, “beauty has a cost”. Huskies tend to shed a lot, which means that they require additional grooming and care requirements. Huskies are extremely sociable and can even overwhelm some people with their enthusiasm. Siberian Huskies are playful and free-spirited dogs, and because of their high-energy behaviors, need a healthy diet and regular exercise to prevent destructive behavior that can be brought on by boredom.


A Jack Russel is smaller than many of the dogs on our list, but you’d never know it from the way they conduct themselves. These dogs are determined, intelligent, and intense. The Jack Russel Terrier is an outstanding choice for women who want both a lap dog and an active, constantly moving companion. They benefit greatly from physical exercise, but they also perform much better when their minds are challenged. Jack Russel Terriers are generally friendly, but due to their strong prey drive, they can become aggressive around other dogs or smaller animals. At Israel Protection K9, we train Jack Russel Terriers as bomb detection dogs for security functions. 


Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and trainable dogs that were originally bred to herd sheep. They make excellent farm dogs, of course, but they also make wonderful pets for people who get along with their affectionate and active personalities. This breed is ideal for an owner who wants to compete in agility contests as they also crave both mental and physical stimulation. Australian Shepherd undoubtedly ranks among the most popular breeds that are good for women with their beautifully patterned fur and adorable eyes. As the Australian Shepherd is one of the smartest and most physically attractive dogs, it is almost certain that most would instantly fall in love with this extraordinary breed.


The energetic Vizsla is a lean and muscular dog. They are fantastic running companions for serious runners and ladies who enjoy competing. The Vizsla is a great dog breed for females who enjoy the outdoors, are athletic, and lead active lifestyles. An amazing benefit is that the Vizsla is hypoallergenic due to its short coat and low shedding. The Vizsla is clingy and frequently overly affectionate, thus needing constant attention. They are prone to separation anxiety and love to follow their owners around no matter where they go and what they are doing. Vizslas get along well with other animals but can be wary of strangers, which makes them suitable to fall under the guard dog category.


The Weimaraner is a distinctive-looking hunting dog that is extremely athletic and resilient. They make excellent traveling companions for women who enjoy taking long hikes, camping, and other outdoor pursuits. Being a gun dog breed, these hunters naturally have a strong prey instinct and perform best when kept to themselves. This breed, which is devoted to their families and suspicious of strangers, tends to thrive best in large spaces. It is important to allow Weimaraners to meet your friends as they prefer to interact primarily with people they already trust.


Keeshonds are excellent companions and super cute animals. They love to spend every waking moment with their owners and are extremely affectionate. The Keeshond was used to guard Dutch ships as far back as the 17th century and true to character, will bark to let you know if anything unusual happens. However, because they are so lovable, they are quite likely to welcome visitors into your home rather than protect you once the person is already in the home. This breed sheds seasonally as well, so regular grooming is necessary to prevent all mats, and tangles, and to keep their coats soft. The Keeshond might be the ideal dog for you if you’re looking for an affectionate breed and don’t mind putting up with their demanding grooming requirements.


The American Eskimo Dog is a very sociable dog who struggles when left on his own. These dogs need a lot of mental and physical exercise, a direct correlation to high intelligence and great activity level. American Eskimos are friendly with everyone they meet and are especially loving to young children. The Eskimo does well in a variety of home settings, from small apartments to large houses with yards. Separation anxiety can become a concern for both Eskie and the owner. One of the best ways to address this issue is to avoid it altogether and bring your dog with you as often as possible, and when not possible, leave them in a crate with plenty of sturdy toys.  For someone who will constantly love their pet and doesn’t mind frequent shedding, the American Eskimo is an ideal pet.


A Frenchie is a great choice if you’re looking for a friend who will show you tons of love and keep you entertained all the time. French Bulldogs are kind, compassionate, and affable to everyone. If you are not on top of their diet, they will overeat, which can cause a variety of health issues. Due to their diminutive size, obesity can harm their tiny bodies permanently more quickly than you might imagine. The French Bulldog is quite capable of serving as a deterrent as they will alert you when someone is at the door and bark at intruders.


These happy-go-lucky dogs, also known as Smiley Sammies, are outgoing and welcoming to all. Samoyeds require a lot of exercise due to their high prey drive. If you choose to adopt a Samoyed, you’ll need to have plenty of time available for daily walks and activities; otherwise, your dog might look for alternative and naughty ways to amuse themselves. The Samoyed’s beautiful and plush coat has fairly specific grooming requirements and tends to require more attention than most other dog breeds. These dogs are kind and affectionate, but will not hesitate to bark at intruders and in some cases defend you from an assailant. For anyone who wants a companion and isn’t bothered by grooming, this dog is a great fit.


The Basset Hound has a temperament that matches their appearance: they are laid-back, undemanding, and never tense. These dogs are pack animals that enjoy the company of people and other animals. Although they are kind, patient, and perfect lap dogs, which makes them a great fit for most single women, they need to be bathed frequently, with special care given to their long ears to reduce odor. Basset Hounds have a history of being frequently employed as hunting canines. Bassets can be serious barkers and with their sturdy feet and nails, they tend to be diggers.


Shih Tzus are affectionate, kind, and pure lapdogs. They are frequently chosen as pets by women, who will swear to you that the Shih Tzu is the best breed out there. Don’t assume that due to its size the Shih Tzu has a low energy level, these miniature dogs are very brave and love to play. They are affectionate and require human contact for most of the day to help avoid separation anxiety. Shih Tzus are a good choice if you want a very small, playful, and affectionate dog that will give you a heads-up when someone is at the door.


Tibetan Spaniels are devoted, affectionate dogs that are very in touch with the emotions of their owners. They are intuitive and intelligent but unlike most other intelligent breeds, don’t need much exercise. These diminutive canines are among the best dog breeds for city dwellers that live in compact studio-like apartments. A daily walk is always enjoyable for a Tibetan Spaniel and will definitely help them stay relaxed throughout the day; however, they are as just as happy lying around the house as they are taking a long run in the yard.


You might be surprised to learn that, unlike most public perceptions, the Pitbull is one of the best breeds for women. Although Pitbulls have an aggressive reputation, they are super sweet and it really comes down to raising and training your pitbull the proper way. Pitbulls genuinely seem to have no concept of their size as they often show behavior that seems to display that they think they are the sizes of a small lap dog and love to cuddle. Pitbull owners frequently say that their dogs behave very much like young children, which is incredible as they are also ferocious protectors.

  1. PUG

Pugs are extremely sociable and affectionate toward strangers to the point of being clingy. They tolerate everyone in general but will become envious if they see another dog sitting on your lap. Pugs require a special diet and a watchful eye to ensure that they do not overeat. These guys adore taking naps and will snuggle up to you whenever you take a seat; thus making them the perfect dog for all those that have no intentions of exercising. Pugs are a great fit for single women as they are arguably the cutest lap dog and will alert their owner of intruders.


The Portuguese Water Dog was bred and used to assist fishermen along the coast of Portugal. They don’t have an undercoat and as a result, shed very minimally. Similar to all other hypoallergenic breeds, you must regularly brush their hair-like fur to keep up your dogs’ hygiene. Portuguese Water Dogs are ideal for women who have allergies and enjoy swimming, going on hikes, and just being outdoors. These dogs are very energetic and require a lot of exercise, with swimming being one of their favorite workouts as their name clearly suggests. Due to their size, the Portuguese Water Dog is best left to just alert you of an intruder and should not be expected to jump into action when the time comes.

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