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What kind of protection dog are you looking for?

Family Protection Dog

Israel Protection family dogs are the best in the business. Trained specifically with your family in mind, they will quickly become a member of your pack. Every family dog is tailor trained to your particular family dynamic and within an instant will switch from playing with your children to protecting against a threat.

Protection Dogs

An Israel Protection K9 is the best resource for providing you with security. With the abilities of completing perimeter searches, defending against multiple assailants, and many more defense tactics, your protection is your best friends number one priority.

School Protection Dog

An Israel Protection School Security K9 is possibly the most effective way of ensuring safety in our schools. Together with a trained handler, our security K9s provide the greatest deterrent to any potential attackers. Trained to complete perimeter searches specific to each school, our K9s can eliminate an armed intruder in a matter of seconds.

Our Promise

At Israel Protection K9 we offer and promise the highest quality protection dogs at the lowest possible cost, as we believe that everyone deserves protection. We guarantee that any dog bought from us will be stronger and better trained than anywhere else. This is accomplished as every Israel Protection K9 is raised in our personal home, comes from superior bloodlines, and is fully customized to the clients exact desires.

The Israel Protection K9 Difference

At Israel Protection K9 we pride ourselves on providing the public with protection dogs at a quarter of the market price. We personally raise every dog in our home and accept nothing short of perfection. Our dogs are incredibly tough both mentally and physically, yet maintain a calm demeanor that cannot be matched.

Interested in finding out how our protection dogs can protect your family?

The most loving and effective security. No matter day or night, your Israel Protection K9 will always have your back.

An Israel protection K9 demonstrating one of their very many skills, the perimeter search. This allows for you to be fully protected in case of an intruder without having to put yourself at risk or even bring out a firearm.


Frequently Asked Questions

All our dogs are extremely exposed to children from a very young age, so the dog will not show aggression if their tail is pulled, eyes poked, and ears pulled. Every dog will be social and friendly with your family, friends, and everyone they meet. In fact, many of our dogs are certified therapy and support animals. Regarding other house pets, we just need a notice in advance about the other household pets and we will provide the necessary socialization beforehand. If you do not want a friendly and outgoing dog, that is possible upon request.

When we deliver each dog in person we will spend several days with you in order to teach you all of the commands and the specific psychology of your new pal. We also will include bi-weekly checkups for the first month and always be accessible over the phone in the future. The cost for flights will be included in the overall price of the dog.

We train real protection dogs that do not need any stimulations (see the sleeve or stick) in order for the dog to switch to watch mode to protect you and attack the aggressor. Due to the complicated situation in Israel, we have fine-tuned our method for training the most stable dogs that can do the job completely in a variety of complicated scenarios.

Please shoot us an email or call so we can discuss exactly what you are looking for and provide you with an accurate estimate and perfect companion. A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the overall cost of the dog will be taken as well as a signed contract as the dog will be tailored to your specific needs.

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