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    A protection dog, also known as a guard dog or personal protection dog, is a specially trained canine that is utilized to provide security and protection to individuals, families, or properties. Our Protection dogs are trained to exhibit specific behaviors and skills to deter and respond to potential threats.

    All our dogs come from working German and Czechoslovakian bloodlines with a pedigree. Each dog is hand picked by our head trainer to best fit your needs. Our dogs are never trained or kept in a kennel like other companies, rather all of our dogs live in the head trainer’s home.

    None of our dogs are aggressive. They are trained to be discerning and obedient, so they are  100% safe around people and will remain calm and controlled like a soldier doing their job.

    While not the same as the average family companion dog, protection dogs aren’t just stoic guards. On the contrary, every dog will be social and friendly with your family, friends, and everyone they meet. In fact, many of our dogs are certified therapy and support animals. Please note that if you do not want a friendly and outgoing dog, that is possible upon request.

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