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    It’s a common misconception that any and all dogs will have a “natural instinct” to protect people. The reality is that unfortunately, most dogs do not protect their owners. There are several factors which play a role including genetics, and necessary socialization to raise dogs who are confident in every scenario. All of Israel Protection K9s are bred and trained to optimize all of these factors. 

    We train real protection dogs that do not need any stimulations (see the sleeve or stick) in order for the dog to switch to watch mode to protect you and attack the aggressor. Due to the complicated situation in Israel, we have fine-tuned our method for training the most stable dogs that can do the job completely in a variety of complicated scenarios.

    It’s important to note that owning and handling a protection dog requires a high level of responsibility and commitment. When we deliver each dog in person we will spend several days with you in order to teach you all of the commands and the specific psychology of your new pal. Continually maintaining these methods for proper training, ongoing socialization, and responsible ownership is crucial to ensure that these dogs can safely and effectively fulfill their protective roles. 

    All our dogs are extremely exposed to children from a very young age, so the dog will not show aggression if their tail is pulled, eyes poked, and ears pulled. Regarding other house pets, we just need a notice in advance about the other household pets and we will provide the necessary socialization beforehand.

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