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What is a Protection Dog

An Israel Protection K9 is your best friend, favorite pet, and most of all, your constant protector. We believe that it is imperative to understand that protection dogs are not “attack” or “guard dogs”. The specific diction of attack dog or guard dog conveys the mental image of an aggressive, rabid, and not very well trained dog. Israel Protection K9s could not be further from those characteristics as they display an incredibly high level of obedience, complete mental stability, and are raised with a family orientated mindset to put the safety of your pack above all else. Our protection dogs are your guarantee to a more constant peace of mind. No matter where or when, you can rest assured that your K9 is ready to jump into action and do what they do best, protect you no matter the cost.  A protection dog will always keep your safety as its number one priority. With warm watchful eyes, a confident demeanor, and top-tier training, you can be certain of the elevated level of security that you possess with your new ride-or-die protector.

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Protection Dog Training

The training that goes into an Israel Protection K9 is unmatched by anyone else in the game. Our dogs have every imaginable protection scenario drilled in repeatedly so that the K9s are comfortable and know how to properly defend you in any and all situations. Some of the specific training scenarios include defending you against multiple opponents, home defense, car defense, random surprise attacks, and many more. Israel Protection K9s undergo bite work training from an early age to ensure a strong and stable bite with an incredible bite force behind it. Our protection dogs are also put through intense pressure training to ensure physical and mental toughness, which creates a K9 that can undergo any situation due to a high pain tolerance and mental superiority.

A Custom Fit

Israel protection dogs are capable of a great many abilities and therefore are always a tailor-fit to their future owners. We understand that every individual has a different dynamic and lifestyle, which we believe, requires a dog that has a matching personality and proper level of training. For instance, some of our customers prefer to have a dog that will never go into protection mode without a direct command, due to their social life and liability; however, some customers leave their home empty throughout the day and prefer a K9 that will attack any unwelcome intruder. No matter your needs, we take pride in being able to guarantee complete customer satisfaction so your personal protection dog is even better than you ever imagined. At Israel Protection K9 we make it our mission to bring your dreams to life when we train and deliver your protection K9.

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Protection Dogs for Sale​

The words and title “protection dogs for sale” is often a common clickbait scheme and when one begins to look into the variety of companies that have protection dogs listed for sale the quality of the K9s begins to vary tremendously. For instance, everyone has a different definition of what a protection dog truly is. To expound on that thought, each company has a different system that they use to categorize their dogs. There is no universal consumer guideline to ensure that when you search for protection dogs for sale, you are buying a genuine protection dog and comparing apples to apples. Some things to look out for to determine that you are truly looking at a real listing of a protection dog for sale are the following: The dog has a strong and steady bite that maintains the exact grip throughout the entirety of the scenario. Ensure that the protection dog for sale is capable of taking down a target in a surprise and unplanned attack without needing stimulations such as a bite suit, whip, or any noise that conveys that the situation is a game. Your protection is not a game or “sport”; therefore, we strongly recommend conducting a simple test of having the protection dog that you are considering perform as advertised when it does not expect any attacker, the decoy is wearing a hidden sleeve, and zero stimulations are included. Although this may help, nothing short of the K9 having real-life experience taking out an assailant is a 100% guarantee. Feel free to reach out to us when you are looking at protection dogs for sale so we can assure you are getting a loyal, genuine protection K9 that truly performs for your needs and helps you stay safe.


Protection Dog FAQ’s
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The starting price basic protection dog can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. This price range is for a dog that has received basic obedience training and has been taught basic protective skills such as barking to alert their owner and biting on command.

If you’re looking for a more advanced protection dog, the cost can range from $15,000 to $30,000. These dogs have received extensive training and have mastered advanced protective skills such as crowd control, tactical movement, and advanced bite work. However, if you require a protection dog trained in specific areas such as perimeter searches, prevent auto jackings, or therapy dog services, the cost can easily reach six figures.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones, owning a protection dog can be a great option. Dogs have been used for protection for centuries and have proven to be effective deterrents against potential threats. However, owning a protection dog is not as simple as just buying any breed and calling it a day. There are several factors to consider when choosing a protection dog, including breed, training, and most importantly, the purpose for which you are seeking protection.

A personal protection dog can certainly be a pet, but it’s important to understand the difference between a pet and a protection dog. Personal protection dogs are specifically trained to protect their owners and families in case of a threat, while pets are usually trained for companionship.

Training a protection dog is a process that requires time, patience, and dedication. The length of time it takes to train a protection dog can vary depending on several factors, including the breed of dog, the type of training desired, and the expertise of the trainer. On average, it can take anywhere from 1 1/2 years for the dog to mature and up to 3 years for extensive training.

A protection dog can be a valuable addition to any family, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind. These dogs are specifically trained to defend their owners in times of danger, and they are highly effective in doing so. Protection dogs are able to use their strength and instincts to intervene in dangerous situations and protect their owners, even if they are at a disadvantage in terms of size or physical ability.

Should You Get A Protection Dog? 7 Things To Consider

Deciding to get a protection dog is a big commitment and requires careful consideration of several important factors. Here are 7 things to consider before making the decision to bring a protection dog into your home.

  1. Lifestyle: Protection dogs require significant time and attention for training and exercise. They also need to be socialized with people, animals, and new environments from a young age. Consider whether your lifestyle can accommodate these needs before getting a protection dog.
  2. Space: Protection dogs are usually large and energetic, and they need plenty of space to run and play. Consider whether you have a yard or a nearby park where your dog can expend its energy.
  3. Cost: Protection dogs can be expensive to purchase, train, and maintain. You will need to budget for food, vet bills, grooming, training, and other expenses. Make sure you have the financial resources to care for your dog before making the decision to get one.
  4. Training: Protection dogs require professional training to develop their protective instincts and obedience. Make sure you are prepared to invest the time and money necessary for training.
  5. Living Situation: Consider whether you live in a place that is conducive to having a protection dog. Some apartment buildings or communities may have restrictions on breeds or sizes of dogs. Make sure you are aware of any restrictions before making the decision to get a protection dog.
  6. Family Dynamics: Protection dogs are protective of their family, including children. Consider whether everyone in your family is comfortable with having a dog that is trained to be protective.
  7. Responsibility: Protection dogs require a lot of responsibility and commitment. You will need to provide for their physical and emotional needs, including training, exercise, grooming, and attention. Make sure you are prepared to take on this responsibility before making the decision to get a protection dog.

Protection dogs can be a valuable addition to your family, but it is important to carefully consider all the factors before making the decision to get one. Protection dogs are highly trained to protect their owners and families, and they require a lot of time, attention, and resources. Make sure you have the resources and lifestyle to accommodate a protection dog before bringing one into your home.

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