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    What is a Personal Protection Dog?

    personal protection dogDog Protection – The Basics

    First and foremost, a personal protection dog is your nonstop, 24/7 personal security. A personal protection K9 is an extremely well-trained dog that will protect you from all physical threats and assailants. For instance, your personal protection dog will be preventing home invasions and ready to neutralize any and all home intruders whether you are home or away. When you are in your car, your personal protection dog will be keeping you safe from carjacking situations and any possible road rage scenarios. Another common way your personal protection K9 will be there to keep you safe is whenever you decide to go on a run or walk outside; your protection K9 will be with you in perfect synchronization every step of the way, ready to stop muggings and abductions. No matter what situation you may find yourself in, you can rest assured that your personal protection dog is trained and ready to defend you no matter the cost. All Israel Protection K9s are trained and extremely comfortable in all settings i.e., planes, buses, cars, trains, boats, malls, business meetings, and therapy sessions, and will always be watching your back. Our personal protection dogs will serve as a sixth sense for you with an ever-watchful eye that will sense danger before it materializes and protect you from all possible physical altercations.

    Family Protection Dogs

    Although personal protection dogs are specifically trained to protect you, they are also trained to fit in with your family and protect them at all costs. For this reason, your personal protection K9buy family protection dog needs to have military-level obedience and perfect house training. All Israel Protection K9s are fully house-trained and an incredible addition to any household. Israel Protection personal protection dogs understand that your house is not the place to play unless they are clearly told otherwise by you. Personal protection dogs will not chew your shoes, bark at your door, destroy your furniture or steal your socks. Contrary to common knowledge, our personal protection dogs are not aggressive in the slightest and could not be more different from the stereotypical mean and dangerous junkyard dog or vicious abused stray shelter dog. Israel personal protection dogs are calm like Special Forces Soldiers carrying out a mission and will protect you and your family with a calm and confident demeanor. Furthermore, Israel Protection personal protection dogs are extremely enjoyable to be around as they are highly friendly and super fun to play with for you and your family. Your personal protection dog will play fetch with you in the yard, jump on the trampoline with your children, and all other activities you could possibly think of. Although your personal protection dog is trained specifically for you, it will merge seamlessly with your entire family and become a member of the pack. Within several weeks, it will be near impossible to understand how you ever went without an Israel Protection Personal Protection K9 and why you waited such a long time to make one of the most incredible additions to your family.

    How Personal Protection Dogs are Raised

    All Israel Protection K9 personal protection dogs are raised in our own homes so they fully know how to interact in your home. Whether interacting or being comfortable with your relatives, friends, children, gardeners, housekeepers, or any other person who you may interact with, you can rest assured that your personal protection dog grew up in a real-life environment that shared the same interactions. All of our dogs are raised in our personal homes to ensure that your dog is fully comfortable in your home. For all requests that you may have, all you need to do is let us know and we will make your perfect dream dog a reality for you and your family. All of our personal protection K9s are super friendly with all animals and will get along and form the sweetest relationships with all other pets that you may have. During the reservation process, we will conduct a thorough interview to make sure that we are training an Israel Protection K9 that is the perfect fit for you and your family, your very own personal protection dog.

    Hand Selected at Birth

    All Israel Protection K9s are hand-picked at about 2-4 weeks by Arik, head dog trainer, and co-founder. We have the first pick with many of the best working line personal protection dog breeders across Israel and Czechoslovakia. We only take dogs that have the purest bloodlines, healthy genetics, and award-winning lineages. The only breeds we work with are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds, as we believe these breeds are the best fit for our client’s needs.

    Delivery and Integration

    At Israel Protection K9 we pride ourselves on providing a full and comprehensive integration process so that you and your new personal protection dog are both fully comfortable with each other. We guarantee a personal delivery process where we fly out with your personal protection dog so we can be there every step of the week. We spend two weeks with you and your family teaching you how to handle, bond, and understand your new protector. After the two-week integration process, we add additional bi-monthly training sessions for the next 3 months. Plus, we can always be reached via WhatsApp ????.

    We look forward to speaking with you and helping you protect yourself and your family with the dog that your dreams could not have even imagined. Take a look at some of our current protection dogs here.

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