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    14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    The following dogs have traits that are important for an effective guard dog. Although these dogs are naturally more protective, there is no guarantee that a dog of this breed will act in a protective way if they are not trained to do so. The same goes for a dog of any ancestry, not on this list; it is possible that they will act protectively but it is more likely in specific breeds. At Israel Protection K9, we train the best candidates for protection possible. Below are the 14 best dogs for personal protection:

    Belgian Malinois


    Belgian Malinois are the most popular dogs in police and military units. They are also the favorite choice for dog trainers that train professional protection dogs. This breed is a great working dog and can do protection dog work full-time. They are highly energetic and intense and can resemble the appearance of German Shepherds. Since they weigh around 80 pounds they are easier to feed and have around the house. Belgian Malinois make amazing protection dogs and are extremely loyal and loving companions.

    German Shepherd

    personal protection dog

    German Shepherds are very brave dogs that are also extremely intelligent and fiercely loyal, making the best protection dogs. They have been used in police departments and the military for many years. They have very large ears with sensitive hearing that can pick up basic sounds. Shepherds have luscious, long coats of fur that make them seem bigger and more imposing. Even though most Shepherds weigh less than 100 pounds, they have broad chests and muscled bodies. They are sensitive breeds and can develop behavioral issues if they are given enough time with their owners.

    Dutch Shepherds

    Dutch Shepherds protection dog for sale

    Dutch Shepherds are an incredible option for a protection dog. They are said to be easier to train than their  Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd cousins. They also have far less health problems than their cousins. Dutch Shepherds are also smaller than Germans and weigh around 75 pounds, reaching around 2 feet in height. They can also work in many different work or weather conditions. This breed is intelligent, strong, and loyal to their owners which makes them great candidates for protection dog work. Since they can be wary of strangers, it is important to begin training at an early age and have good socialization.


    Rottweiler protection dogs

    Rottweilers suit the requirements for a good protection dog. This powerful breed was developed to go into battle with soldiers as well as to herd cattle. Even though they are shorter than most protection dog breeds, they are strong and powerful. These dogs are known for being extremely loyal to their owners and are very intelligent. They are always ready to defend their pack and have the ability to back up their bark. Rottweilers are known to be very connected to their owner’s emotions and are emotionally dependent. They are meant to spend a lot of time alone and need a lot of attention and exercise. This breed is not recommended for newbie dog owners.

    Doberman Pinscher

    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    Dobermans are a great breed to choose as personal protection dogs. They were bred to protect tax collectors and they are great in this area of protection. Dobermans are extremely tall and also resemble a similar size to Pitbulls and shepherds. Their imposing demeanor makes them one of the best protection dogs out there. They are also brave and loving dogs that are very sensitive. Dobermans need a bit more space and exercise than other breeds, but they are very light on their feet and instinctively protect their family and home.

    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection


    Since their inception, Bull Mastiffs have been protection dogs for humans. They were initially bred to dissuade poachers. A great thing about this breed is that they do not require as much exercise and attention as the top three protection dogs. They are also very affectionate to their owners and of course protective. While Bull Mastiffs are great protection dogs, they are not great for first-time dog owners. They can often weigh over 110 pounds and are very large and powerful. Bull Mastiffs are lovable and good-looking, even though they tend to drool and have gas.

    Giant Schnauzer

    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    Giant Schnauzers are not as intense as most protection dog breeds, even though they are sensitive. This breed is very loving and loyal and is great for family protection. They need and enjoy a lot of attention from their families. These dogs can protect their family since they are powerful. Giant Schnauzers are very territorial and proud, even though they appear more refined. Although this breed makes great protection dogs, they are also not a good choice for first-time dog owners.

    Great Pyrenees

    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    Great Pyrenees were originally developed to protect livestock from animals such as wolves and coyotes. They are a great fit for ideal protection dogs, less so for family protection. Their size is quite intimidating to most animals and people. They are also very independent while being brave and loyal. Even though they have aloof personalities, they are gentle with their ‘flock.’ They also do not require a lot of attention from their owners and enjoy being independent.

    Great Danes

    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    Great Danes make great protection dogs from their appearance alone. They are massive dogs that can reach up to 200 pounds. Despite their size, Great Danes are very gentle and sensitive. They have the capability to protect the safety of their owners, even if they are not very territorial or defensive. Their intelligence is another factor that makes this breed a good protection dog.

    Cane Corso

    Cane Corso protection dogs for sale

    Cane Corsos are big and intimidating dogs. They weigh around 100 pounds and can reach even larger sizes. They have a very intimidating appearance and have calm confidence about them. They can serve as deterrents as well, standing 27 inches with large heads.  However, their owners know just how lovable they are. Cane Corsos need a lot of space to exercise and do better in a home with a yard.

    American Bulldog

    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    American Bulldogs are characteristically strong protectors of their owners or family. They are sensitive and loving dogs. This breed was originally created to help control herds of cattle. Due to this history, these energetic, brave pets require a purpose or a daily job to remain happy. These dogs can be found in various looks, shapes, and sizes. The smaller pups reach about 50 pounds, while larger ones can weigh up to 120 pounds. Regarding height, American Bulldogs are typically around 2 feet tall. Although they are not the brightest of breeds, they are known to be easy dogs to train. However, if you are not looking to spend a lot of time with your pet, American Bulldogs are not for you. They do best with a lot of stimulation and constant upkeep in training.


    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    Boxers may seem very friendly and personable, but they still make fantastic protection dogs. These dogs were originally bred to be guard dogs. Boxers weigh around seventy-five pounds, which may seem smaller than a stereotypical ‘guard dog.’ However, they have large amounts of energy and handsome physiques. This breed is also extremely intelligent. Their intelligence makes them easy to train which makes them suited for guard dog duties. Boxers are also known to make wonderful family pets. They get along well with children and are a loyal breed which can make for a beautiful relationship with their families.

    Bouvier des Flanders

    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    Bouvier des Flanders used to be bred for the purpose of herding cattle. However, they can also make great guard dogs. They have a unique appearance with beautiful and fluffy coats of fur. Their facial hair looks like a massive beard. This breed also has a muscular physique that is thick and large. Bouvier’s can also do well as show dogs, besides for their original purpose of herding. They are also great with children and can make a wonderful addition to a family. They require loving and experienced owners and do well with others when they are socialized.


    Israel K9 Protection | 14 Best Dogs for Personal Protection

    Beaucerons are extremely smart dogs. They are also loyal and loving and were originally bred to guard as well as herd. This breed normally weighs between eighty to one hundred pounds. They are also more cautious around strangers so they require a lot of socialization. Their personalities are quite endearing; they are stubborn and seem to have endless energy. Therefore, they require an experienced owner especially if they are to be trained as protection dogs.

    What is the best Personal Protection Dog?

    Although many of these dogs are naturally bred for protection purposes or have the criteria for a protection dog, that does not necessarily mean they will make good guard dogs. Every dog is an individual, and there are many factors that can affect if a dog will make a good protection dog. These factors include genetics, personality, and most importantly training. An experienced and skilled trainer is an absolute necessity.

    At Israel Protection K9, we pride ourselves on our top-tier training methods for our protection dogs with outstanding pedigrees and vetted dog personalities. Contact us today and find the best fully trained protection dogs for you and your family!

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