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About Israel Protection K9

Israel Protection K9 was created by Arik Deri and Eli Bobroff in 2021. Arik discovered the need for real protection after serving as a commander for a special forces unit in the Israeli army. Our number one concern is your safety; therefore, we believe in selling our dogs at the most affordable price, as everyone deserves protection. As a company, we strongly believe in creating a custom-fit dog that is personalized to every individual client for their specific needs and lifestyle.

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Eli Bobroff

Eli is responsible for the business operations side of Israel Protection K9. Born and raised in Southern California, Eli enjoys snowboarding, playing piano, and spending time with family. Eli has experience in the healthcare industry and is pursuing his J.D. during nights and weekends.

Arik Deri

Arik oversees and is responsible for the training of every Israel Protection K9. From a very early age, Arik had a deep fascination with dogs, which continued throughout his service as a special forces commander in the Israeli army. After Arik left the army, he decided to dive head first into the K9 training business, due to discovering the incredible depths of communication and numerous capabilities possible between man and dog.

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