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    All About the Belgian Malinois

    Israel K9 Protection | All About the Belgian MalinoisAt  Israel Protection K9, the two dog breeds that we train and sell are primarily German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. As the German Shepherd Dog is one of the most commonly owned family dogs in the world, many dog lovers already know a decent amount about the characteristics of the breed. However, the Belgian Malinois, an incredible working dog in its own right, is far less renowned which is why we created this post to shed some light and help you understand if a Belgian Malinois is a right fit for you.

    Physical Appearance

    Belgian malinois are squarely built, stand about 22-26 inches, and have an average weight of 60 pounds. With a lean muscular build, the Belgian Malinois has an elegant and sleek appearance and is the right fit for many working applications. Coat colors range from mahogany to a rich fawn and tend to be accentuated by black ears and a black snout. With curious, excited, and deep brown eyes the high level of intelligence and nonstop watchfulness of the Belgian Malinois is very apparent.

    Personality and Intelligence

    Due to their high intelligence, eagerness to please, and constant desire to work with their handler, Belgian Malinois are some of the easiest and most capable dogs that one can train. At Israel Protection K9 we train our Belgian Malinois from the age of 8 weeks old and the ability of our puppies to learn commands nearly instantaneously never ceases to amaze us. Due to their high level of intelligence, constant companionship and a calm demeanor is the best way to your Belgian Malinois’ heart. Belgian Malinois crave discipline, physical exertion, and working side by side with their handler. Due to this, the Belgian Malinois is the perfect fit for law enforcement, the military, and the active family who wants the most elite dog possible with the greatest capability.

    Your Malinios will want nothing more than to be by you and your family’s side 24/7 as a member of your pack. As a result of their high mental and emotional intelligence, the Belgian Malinois can properly identify threats and respond in a professional manner as they were trained to do through thousands of hours of training drills. The combination of the Belgian Malinois’ prey drive, natural instinct to protect, agility, and intelligence allows for the ultimate protection dog if given proper and professional training.

    The Perfect Mix for Success

    The two biggest factors that determine the success and capabilities of a Belgian Malinios are its genetics and training. At Israel Protection K9 we hand-select all of our puppies at 6 weeks old based on the purest bloodlines and genetics, which allows for the potential of a top-tier protection dog. The next factor, the training, is focused on for at least a year and a half and up to three years. All of our K9s live with us in our homes and are a part of our family and routine. This ensures that your future Belgian Malinios is the ideal family dog as well as a protection dog.

    What type of family is the best fit for a Belgian Malinois?

    Owing to the active characteristics of the Belgian Malinois, they are the perfect fit for the outdoorsy and adventurous family. Whether running, hiking, swimming, or partaking in any activity you can think of, your Malinios will want to be there right with you. In fact, some of our Malinios’ even keep us company and snowboard with us! Be ready to be physically challenged by your Malinios, as they without a doubt can run faster, for longer, and physically outperform you in most activities. No matter how much fun your Malinios may be having at the moment, you can rest assured that your safety is always the first thing on your Israel Protection K9’s mind.

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    Feel free to reach out to us with all possible questions you may have to determine if the Belgian Malinois is the right fit for you. The earlier you let us know your needs, the sooner we can train and help you get the dog of your dreams.

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