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    Socialization is the first and most important step of training any dog. During the socialization stage the dog is taught to be comfortable in all possible situations. Socialization is a must in order to have control over the dog. If a dog is not socialized he or she will be afraid of random unpredictable things, and may become aggressive due to fear and being uncomfortable in various situations.

    Some of the steps included in the socialization stage include:

    Basic Obedience

    Basic obedience is the foundation for all disciplined and well behaved dogs. During the obedience stage, puppies are taught the fundamental commands and begin to understand exactly what behavior is expected. The puppies learn how to properly communicate with humans, as well as many of the most practical commands, which go hand in hand in ensuring the best possible experience for the dog and handler.

    Premium Obedience

    Premium obedience is the stage when complete trust in the K9 is developed and verified. At this point, dogs are expected to complete all of the basic obedience commands off-leash, perform a variety of tricks, and maintain a perfect discipline. Any special training requests; such as, therapy certification, narcotic and bomb detection, etc., are included during the premium obedience phase.
    Protection Work
    The protection portion of the training begins when the puppy is about two months old and continues throughout the first twelve to eighteen months of the K9’s life. The training begins with building the puppies drive, strength of bite, high pressure endurance and ends off in thousands of intense and unique combat scenarios.
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